Bespoke design

Almost every job I do in the forge is bespoke. Every design whether it is for private clients, architectural or business is different.

The Design

When I am approached by clients that are looking for something traditional and hand forged, often they don’t know exactly what they want. The first objective is to get to know the client, look at pictures or have a site meeting. Most of my work is local to Herefordshire or Worcestershire but I have done work all over the country including Bristol, London, Surrey, Glasgow, Birmingham, etc.


With every design the cost has a substantial bearing of what can be achieved so a budget has to be established. Once the budget has been decided I usually draw a few designs to see what the client likes best and what would work well.

Metal finishes

There are wide range of high quality metal finishes to consider. Between the client and I we can decide what would look most appropriate and what will give the best effect.


With all of the work I produce I generally like to fit the ironwork myself. Fitting is a big part of the service I provide. From someone’s home or garden to some of our most  prestigious cathedrals. Occasionally clients such as builders or carpenters do their own fitting which also works well.