The work that I produce can be anything from a small hook to hundreds of meters of railings. The quality always remains the same. Everything I make is hand made in the workshop and made to last. The techniques I use are the same techniques blacksmith would have used hundreds of years ago. The main types are forging, fire welding and riveting.

Forging is the process of heating a piece of metal past its critical temperature and hammering it into shape. The hotter the metal gets, the softer it becomes.

Fire welding is joining two or more pieces of metal together using heat. This is done by heating the material, whether it is wrought iron or steel, to an almost melting temperature. With a neutral coke fire and where no oxide is present the metal can be hammered together to form a strong joint.

Riveting is heating and hammering rivets or Tenons over. With this method decorative rivet heads can be achieved.

Most of my work is inspired by something or someone and open designs can lead to almost anything. I try to design things on the location they will be set so they don’t look out of place and with the customers views always to mind.

I always spend a lot of time with material finishes to ensure the best effect and a long material life. I use a traditional bees wax from a local bee keepers to finished interior hinges, door handles, hooks, etc. For exterior gates, railings, brackets, etc there is a wide range of high quality finishes I use; Hot dip galvanizing, high quality paints, lacquers, etc.